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Felderer has specialised in constructing filtration systems for process water treatment in fruit sorting facilities for more than 20 years. With over 200 plants worldwide, we are the market leader in this segment. Numerous companies in the food sector rely on water used in various processes. In packing facilities for fruits, process water is utilised mainly in sorting plants for apples, pears and cherries.

The process water transports and washes the fruits as the produce constantly carries new dirt into the water. As a result, leaves, soil, rotten fruit and other contaminants keep accumulating.

The reasons to keep the water clean are economical, ecological and legal:


Smooth sorting and packing process; improved conservation of the fruit


Reduction of water consumption 


Compliance with wastewater regulations and hygiene

Fruit Disease Control (FDC)

Goodbye sooty mold!

What Are the Advantages of Treated Process Water?

A water treatment system brings numerous advantages, both financial and environmental. 

optimal impression on customers due to clear water in the channels and tubs 

best possible hygiene standards and low chemical contamination 

less machine downtime 

significantly reduced cleaning effort 

reduced water consumption 

fewer stock outages 

At Felderer, we can draw on our experience developing and installing over 200 filtration systems, which have been tailor-made for all customers and designed and implemented according to their needs. Our radius of action is not only concentrated on South Tyrol or Italy; you can find our filtration plants on four continents.   

What Technologies Does Felderer Use for Their Systems?

Filter technology
LEONARDO™ disc filter
Disinfection technology
Quality & Innovation 

Technologies Overview


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Case Studies

Here you will find a selection of case studies on plants and systems that we have developed and installed: