process water treatment & recovery

Clean Process

Plants for the treatment of process water.
Customised and innovative solutions.

Felderer has specialised in the construction of filter systems for process water treatment for sorting plants for more than 20 years. With over 200 plants worldwide, we are the market leader in this segment. Our approaches and technologies ...

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Soil Analysis for Farmers 


Soil analyses for the detection of nutrient dynamics.
For sustainable soil management.

Felderer has been carrying out soil analyses for farmers for more than 40 years using the Hudig-Rispens method (24 parameters) to record the nutrient dynamics in their soil. You can rely on a pool of over 1 million data. Our methods and procedures ...

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Clean Process Water

Water Treatment for the Food Industry

Dirt ingress and contamination can have a variety of origins. Therefore, we have adapted our technologies to the following challenges:

Dirty Water
Chemical Exposure
Suspended Solids
Poor Hygiene
High Water Consumption
Microbial Load
Fungi & Bacteria
Biofilm & Algae

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Water Treatment by FELDERER

Terra Laboratory

Soil Analyses for Farmers

Since our foundation, we have been carrying out soil analyses using a combination of different internationally recognised methods. This allows us to capture the nutrient dynamics in the soil and analyse up to 24 parameters.

Lab Analysis
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> 10,000


> 4.000

chemical soil analyses

> 200

filtration plants worldwide

> 1 Mio.

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