Water treatment system (filtration technology, flocculation system, disc filter, Fru-Jet) - C.O.Ce.A. (Non Valley (TN))

Water Treatment: Long-term Cooperation for the Sake of the Environment & Economic Efficiency

What did we do?

The Cooperativa Ortofrutticola Centro Anaunia (COCEA) is part of the MELINDA consortium and one of the largest sorting companies in Italy, with a capacity of 95,000 tonnes of apples per year. 

As early as 2002, Felderer installed the first water treatment system in COCEA's new sorting plant. During the rebuild in 2020, a model sorting plant was created, setting new water treatment standards. Sorting the enormous quantities of apples requires huge capacities, workforce, and considerable amounts of drinking water.

For the 3-shift system, machine stops due to water changes and the cleaning of water channels have to be reduced to a minimum, while at the same time, the water quality has to remain at the highest level. In addition, due to legal requirements, the precious resource of water is to be used as sparingly as possible in the sense of sustainable and environmental management.  

The challenges for water treatment are manifold. Those responsible at COCEA approached Felderer, especially as we already had an excellent working relationship with COCEA. In addition, Felderer could demonstrate extensive experience with complex and demanding projects.

The solution

To meet the diverse requirements, Felderer developed a customised solution for process water treatment in the new 2020 building, using several filtration systems, systems for flocculation & sedimentation, and the Fru-Jet and the Leonardo. Thanks to the modular design, it was also possible to use an existing PERKEO filter and a flocculation system from the existing water treatment plant after an overhaul. Thus, COCEA could save up to 25 % of the costs for the construction of the plant. 

A sophisticated system enables the cooperative to reduce water consumption by 95 %, stay within the legally prescribed framework, and avoid extended downtimes of the sorting plant. Furthermore, the water treatment system allows water replacement in the filler once a year, thus avoiding annoying machine stops. 

As part of a monitoring programme, extensive water analyses have shown that the water quality still meets the highest standards at the end of the season. 

Data about the project

Customer C.O.Ce.A.
Subject Water treatment system (filtration technology, flocculation system, disc filter, Fru-Jet)
Installation period 2020