Mobile Filter System - TOBI Seeobst AG (Switzerland)

Mobile Filter System Between Egnach & Bischoffszell 

What did we do?

The Swiss company TOBI Seeobst AG is an essential partner in storage, sorting, packing and distribution for more than 450 producers of pome fruits, stone fruits and berries. TOBI's customers include, for example, the COOP Cooperative with stores throughout Europe. 

TOBI has its headquarters in Bischofszell (Switzerland, Canton Thurgau), with further locations in Egnach and Güttingen. In this use case, we focus on the branches in Egnach and Bischofszell, for which we have developed a unique system. 

TOBI sorts and packs 7500 t of pears (Egnach) and 2400 t of cherries (Bischofszell) every year. The peak periods for these fruits happen over two different periods of the year:  

Cherries pass through the sorting plant between June and August and need quick packing due to their limited shelf life. The rest of the year, the plant would be at a standstill. 

On the other hand, pears have a longer shelf life, so the sorting plant runs between August and April.  

Since cherries and pears run through sorting at different locations, Felderer developed a mobile filter system for the sorting plants that can be connected to the respective plant if required. 

The solution

We developed a small compact filter system mounted on a framework for TOBI. The total weight is approx. 1,400kg so that it can be loaded and unloaded with standard forklifts. The system carries out all cleaning stages for a satisfying final result. 

The peripheral components are permanently mounted at both locations and can be connected and disconnected with quick-release fasteners. The time required for dismantling and subsequent connection is minimal. 

Data about the project

Customer TOBI Seeobst AG
Subject Mobile filter system for process water treatment
Installation period 2016