Clean Process Water

Aftersales & Services

Our water treatment plants and filter systems are solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. To ensure the sustainability and longevity of the systems, we are available with our aftersales service after installation - transparent and straightforward.

Felderer offers inspections and customised maintenance packages. These packages can include regular hydraulic and electrical checks as well as periodic water analyses and maintenance of the water treatment systems (filter material changes, replacement of UV tubes).

Services by Felderer


Our systems are synonymous with quality and durability. We perform regular maintenance on request after putting the filtration systems into operation to guarantee a sustainable application.

Special requests such as remote maintenance or other maintenance services are readily available. Specially trained technicians carry out the checks and maintenance.  


Filter Material Change

When the filter material needs to be changed, we ensure its replacement and the reboot of the water treatment system. You can book the service at periodic intervals or on request

We supply activated carbon, quartz sand and ion exchangers worldwide for our PERKEO tanks. Our technicians can replace the provided filter material on-site, after which the system is put back into operation before checking its correct functioning. 


Spare Parts/Consumables 

We supply all spare parts for our filtration systems worldwide. Whether pumps or valves, seals or filter cartridges - we supply you with all the relevant components and can also replace them ourselves on request. 

Various consumables such as hydrogen peroxide, mud bags or UV tubes are shipped on order


Remote Maintenance

Depending on the filter system, we can monitor and regularly check the functionality of the systems via remote maintenance.

If necessary, we can also carry out any necessary changes to the filter programme.



If you want to connect additional water circuits to a filter or move a water treatment system to another sorting hall, we will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

We adapt your filter system to the current conditions, and thus save money and protect the environment.